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Does your department or unit use volunteers? Are they completing the required paperwork? Is it being submitted to the Records office for approval?

If you have volunteers and they are not completing paperwork, please contact your HR Representative as soon as possible. Your HR Representative can meet with your volunteers and help them complete the forms. We are required to submit this paperwork on or before the first day the volunteer works.

If you prefer to complete the paperwork with your volunteers, please review the instructions below and access the packet of fillable forms.

Volunteer Appointment Instructions

  • Complete volunteer appointment forms (PDF) with volunteer
  • If the volunteer is not a U.S. Citizen, make copies of their passport, visa, I-20, AND I-94 documents. If they have a permanent resident card, we only need a copy of this card.
  • Send original forms (and copies of documents) to your HR Representative at MC 0001
  • Add the name of your volunteer to the volunteer list by choosing the tab with your department/unit name
How to Complete the Forms: Fill out the highlighted fields. The forms say Staff/Employee – they apply to all volunteers.
  1. Volunteer Appointment form
    1. Start & End Date: Request a one year appointment (e.g. 7/1/17 - 6/30/18) to avoid multiple requests. The appointment may be ended sooner if needed. Our Records office will not approve requests for more than 365 days.
    2. Prepared By, Mail Code, Telephone: Please leave these fields blank
  2. Personal Data form: UC San Diego students will enter their PID# in the remarks field
  3. Oath and Patent form:
    1. All dates must be the same on this form and they must be on or before the volunteer start date. The employment date is the volunteer start date.
    2. State Oath:
      1. If the volunteer is a US citizen, they will sign the Oath at the top of the form and the department contact (you) will sign as the Authorized Official
      2. If the volunteer is a Permanent Resident/Non-US Citizen, they will not sign the Oath and the department contact (you) will not sign as the Authorized Official
    3. Patent: Every volunteer must sign this. Department contact (you) will sign as the witness.

  4. Waiver Form:
    1. Volunteers who are over 18 years old must sign as the Participant and date.

    2. Volunteers who are under 18 years old must sign, and have their Parent/Guardian sign and date.

  5. Emergency Contacts Form: Complete all fields