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Staff Separation


Supervisor: Notify Business Office
Supervisor or designated work director is to notify the business office via the Staff Departure form when learning of a staff departure.

UC San Diego Property List
Please review the property list carefully. You're responsible for returning all items on the list to the appropriate individual. After all items have been returned, submit the completed list to your HR Representative on or before your last day of work. This form is required to finalize your separation from UC San Diego.

Final Paycheck
Your last paycheck will be sent to you via your usual method of pay (direct deposit or check) on your next scheduled pay date. It will include any accrued vacation, comp time, and/or overtime payout if applicable. If a check is mailed to you, it will be mailed from payroll to your home address on your last day of work.

Don't forget to cancel your parking permit. Complete the Parking Cancellation and Refund form (PDF) and bring the completed form and your parking placard to the Gilman or Osler parking office.

Voicemail & Email
Prior to your departure, reset your voicemail password to the five-digit extension number. Check with your supervisor about setting up a forwarding voicemail message and out of office email message. Discuss the disposition of email and network files with your supervisor. Your HR Representative will request email, AD login, business systems and shared drive access be terminated at the close of business on your last day of employment.

Permanent Address
If you have, or will have, a new permanent address, please update your Personal Info by logging in to the UCPath Self Service Portal. Watch this simulation on how to complete the update.

Access to UCPath Self Service Portal
Former employees will have access for 36 months after effective date of termination.
If your separation/termination/retirement took place on or after June 1, 2020 you will have continued access via the UCPath Former Employee portal. Ensure that a personal email address is included in your personal information on UCPath Self Service Portal before separating.
If a personal address is entered, you will receive an email from UCPath Center prompting you to register. You will then access the Former Employee Portal by entering a personal email and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
If you did not have a personal email address entered into UCPath, contact UCPath Employee Services directly for assistance in registering for the Former Employee Portal.
For more information visit UCPath Online for Former Employees.

Review the Employee Separation Checklist

Your current health insurance coverage will end on the last day of the month in which you separate. Your disability plan ends on your last day on pay status. COBRA (health insurance continuation) information will be mailed to your home address from UCSD Benefits. If you have any questions regarding COBRA, contact Benefits at 858-534-2816.

Retirement Plans
To request a payout or roll-over of money in your UC retirement account [DCP, 403(b), or 457(b)], contact Fidelity Net Benefits for more information at 866-682-7787.

For additional information on your retirement plans, go to UCNet. This page will direct you to the web sites for all of your retirement plan information and forms.
Refer to the Termination of Employment Benefits Checklist (PDF) to assist you with your other benefit questions and processes.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment
If you're enrolled in Life or AD&D insurance you can continue or convert your policy. Contact UCSD Benefits office at 858-534-2816 or

Unemployment Programs
Review the CA Unemployment Insurance information to file a claim. Review iinformation regarding California’s programs (PDF) for the unemployed.