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Systems Access

Departmental Security Administrators (DSA) set up and maintain departmental access to a few specific computing and information resources. See instructions below to submit requests for your business systems access needs.


AD Password Reset Criteria Change

To improve security, effective May 9, 2023 you are longer be able to use personal information (employee ID, Social Security Number, and birthday) to recover your AD password.
Recommended action: Include a personal, non-ucsd e-mail address in UCPath so that the Password Management Portal ( can send a reset link to your personal email account. Learn how to update your personal email address on UC Path (Support Portal).


Business Systems Account

Supervisors are to determine if a new employee (career or student employee) requires access to a system where the only Single Sign-On option is a Business Systems account. If Active Directory access is allowed for the needed system, a Business System account will not / should not be established for the employee.

If it is determined that a Business System account is necessary, the new employee may follow these instructions on how to establish their Business Systems. Contact the DSA for assistance if needed.

Self-Initiated Access Requests

The implementation of new enterprise systems creates adjustments to the access request process. The DSA role is no longer associated with access requests to the systems listed below. A link for more information has been provided.


Access Category System Assistance / Information
Travel Concur Knowledge Base - Travel
Entertainment Knowledge Base - Ent, Mtg & Exp
Card Requests Knowledge Base - Card Products
Budgets, Transactions, Reconciliations Oracle Blink: Oracle - Access Request Process
Purchases & Purchase Orders
Timekeeping Ecotime Ecotime Campus Timekeeping
Personnel Records UCPath UCPath Transactors Assistance
Academic Personnel Files Interfolio User Information for Interfolio
Electronic Research Proposals Kuali Research Requesting Access to Kuali Research

Submit Access Requests via Email

If the employee access is to be processed through the DSA, and if FERPA training has been completed via UC Learning for student data access (as applicable), supervisors then submit a Business Systems Access request via request form or email to the DSA.

When submitting the access request, the supervisor will provide: 

  1. Specifics: the specific access system and level of access required
  2. Justification: a short justification for each access requested 
  3. Training: FERPA completion date for student data access
  4. Mirror: name of another unit member who has the same access being requested for easier identification and duplication. This does not count as the 'justification'


Locked Out or Reset Password

Locked Out? 

Send an email with Subj: "Account Locked Out" for a faster response. Business Systems Account temporary passwords are only good for the same calendar day in which they were created.

Reset Your Password? 

If you need to reset your password, follow these instructions to receive a temporary password.