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Moving Services

  • Coordinates and performs relocation services of office furniture and equipment
  • Removes and disposes of excess furniture
  • Relocates excess UC property (furniture, electronics, materials, etc.) to Surplus Sales
  • Assembles freestanding and modular furniture

The AA Business Office can provide a checklist to assist our units with relocations to help minimize business disruptions. Please contact our office at least 4-6 weeks prior to a planned move so we can help you coordinate all details and ensure a smooth process.

To request Moving Services please complete the Moving Service Request Form and send it to using the 'Share this form' feature (upper right corner of the form) without submitting it.

 If you prefer to submit and manage the request yourself, follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Logistics Portal (VPN required if connecting from off-campus)
  • Select Single Sign-On from the login screen to login via your SSO
  • Click on the 'Logistics Request Form' icon (pictured right) to access all Logistics forms
  • Select Moving Services Job and complete all required fields

Once you submit your form, you will receive a confirmation via email.