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Procurement Card (PCard)

Procurement Card is a Visa card for faculty and staff who have buying responsibilities. The card simplifies buying and paying for most routine, low-cost goods, and services under $4,999.

PCard Benefits & Special Features

  • Accepted by all vendors that take Visa
  • Ensures payment to vendors within 48 hours
  • Eliminates purchase order and invoice processing
  • Combines ordering and paying into a single process
  • Includes payment information such as Transaction Date, Posting Date, and Vendor Name
  • Transaction amounts limited to $4,999 (including tax, freight, and handling charges)
  • Monthly cycle limited to $20,000
    • The monthly cycle is the 16th of the month through the 15th of the following month
  • Includes built-in controls that prohibit restricted purchases

Common Purchases and Restricted Items

  • Receipts, supporting documentation, and a detailed business purpose are required for each transaction and must be reconciled by the cardholder/delegate in a Concur expense report
  • Restricted items may not be purchased with PCard (alcohol, food, gifts, etc.)
  • Any service that requires a vendor or 3rd party individual to come onto campus (or a campus affiliated location/event) to set up or perform a service is not allowed on the Procurement Card. 


How to Become a PCard Cardholder

  • Our department policy stipulates that PCards may only be issued to career staff and academic administrators; student and temporary employees are not eligible to have PCards
  • Complete the required University Procurement Card Program training in UC Learning Center and save a PDF of your completion certificate
  • Complete and sign the PCard Cardholder Agreement
    • The cardholder's supervisor should sign the form before it is routed to the AA Business Office
    • Other signatures: DA (Dept Administrator) = Chad Lowe; MS/DBO/PI = Jessica Kuhrt
  • Follow the steps for requesting a new Procurement Card in Concur, attaching the two items above
  • Once a request is approved, PCards typically arrive within 2 weeks and can be expedited with a valid reason

How to Create a PCard Action/Update Request

  • The following actions are available in Concur:
    • Card Cancel
    • Permanent Limit Increase
    • Temporary Limit Increase
    • New Card Request
    • Delegation of Authority
    • P-Card Merchant Category Code (MCC) Request
    • Mail Code Change
    • Name Change
    • P-Card Ship Goods to Off-Campus Address

Reconcile PCard Transactions in a Timely Manner!

  • Cardholders should create a monthly PCard expense report and aim to submit at the end of the month
  • Each individual transaction does not require its own expense report; cardholders should combine multiple transactions onto a single monthly expense report
  • Cardholders should reconcile transactions in the month the charge was made, when the transaction becomes an available expense in Concur
  • As transactions become available in Concur, the cardholder should:
    • review transactions for accuracy
    • upload receipts
    • add those transactions onto the saved expense report