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Job Descriptions

Why do we need Job Descriptions?
The job description documents job functions, skills, knowledge, and abilities. It should be updated regularly to reflect the employee's current responsibilities. The job description is used for recruitment, selection, training, performance evaluation, and for determining appropriate classification.

View Your Job Description
You may search the Job Description Library by name, department, supervisor, or title code. If you can’t find your job description, contact your HR Representative.

Create a New Job Description (Supervisors/Work Directors Only) 
If you need to create a new job description, please contact your
HR Representative to discuss payroll titles. You may copy a job card from a similar position, use parts of other job cards, or create a new description. You may search the Job Description Library by title code, working title, department or name to view current classified job cards. Career Tracks provides classification information for non-represented titles. Your HR Representative will create the job card and route it to you for customization.  

JD Online Help Center
Tips for Creating a Well Written Job Description

Update an Existing Job Description: Minor Changes
If you are making minor changes you may proceed independently. If you are updating your own job card, please discuss proposed changes with your supervisor first. They must approve the changes before the job card is finalized.

Search the Job Description Library for the job card you want to update. Open it and select “Copy this Description”.

STEP 1: Select “Update Description, minor changes (no title review)”, then press “Continue”.

STEP 2: Select “I am updating or replace #XXXXXX - Title” and select “ Copy all content from #XXXXXX - Title”. Press “Continue”.

STEP 3: Choose the appropriate option then press “Continue”.

STEP 4: Press “Create Description”.

Add your HR Representative’s name under “Administrative Contacts” under the “Summary” tab. When you are finished making changes, please click on the “Review and Route” tab and “Route for Additional Edits” to your HR Representative.

Update an Existing Job Description: Major Changes (Supervisors only)
If you are considering major changes, which may affect the the overall level of responsibility (reclassification), or may warrant a salary increase (equity), please contact your HR Representative for guidance.