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Equity Increase
An equity increase is a compensation increase while the employee has the same title code. Eligible reasons for an equity request include:

  • Internal equity between two or more positions in the same title/payroll code
  • Assignment of higher-level functions that do not warrant reclassification to a different title code with a higher salary grade
  • Position related certification that adds value to the position
  • Retention (requires a written job offer at the same or comparable level)
  • Salary compression between a lead and/or supervisor and their employees
  • Increase upon lateral transfer
  • Increase upon lateral reclassification

Additional compensation to recognize temporary performance of higher-level duties or "other significant duties" not part of the employee's regular position.

Administrative stipend guidelines for non-union represented staff

Administrative stipend guidelines by collective bargaining (union) group

Merit-Based Salary Program
Merit increases may be approved by the UC Office of the President for Professional Support Staff (PSS) and Manager & Senior Professionals (MSP) positions. If a merit increase is approved, updates on the fiscal year implementation may be found here.

Wage Implementation
Wage implementations are negotiated and implemented according to each collective bargaining agreement. The amount of the wage increase, the effective date, and employee eligibility are determined by the applicable union agreement.

Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Award
Employee incentive awards recognize and reward excellence in university service. Incentive awards may be cash or noncash. Use of the STAR award program is evaluated annually for the fiscal year. STAR Award Payment Authorization forms may be submitted from July 2 through May 1 to ensure payment in the current fiscal year.