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The AA Business Office provides our units with safety-related assistance. We help answer questions, provide important reminders, and offer guidance to the many available safety resources. Each unit has an assigned Department Safety Coordinator (DSC) as the unit’s primary safety resource. The unit DSC may contact AABO Safety for assistance or communicate directly with campus safety resources.

Learn how the Triton Alert emergency notification system works and sign up.

Departmental Safety Coordinators by Unit (DSCs)

A list of Department Safety Coordinators (DSCs) is maintained in the AA Business Office. Please submit your inquiry or your department's update to AABO Safety.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Department Emergency Action Plans (EAP) address the needs of faculty, staff, students, and visitors at specific locations during emergency situations, such as fires, earthquakes, flooding, and others. Large departments occupying different locations may need individual plans for each facility they occupy.

Develop and maintain an EAP (Word file) for your unit. Assistance is provided on How to Develop a Departmental EAP.

The unit Floor Plan with emergency exits and fire extinguishers indicated, and a map of your Designated Assembly Area are a part of the EAP template. Request these maps by sending your location information to

Update the EAP annually during the summer months and submit a PDF version to Matt Hussmann and AABO Safety.

Annual Safety Reminders

The Department Safety Coordinator reviews the following items annually to determine appropriate actions.

Active Shooter Training
Remind staff to review the Active Shooter Preparedness training materials and resources.

Alarm Roster Update
If you have an alarm system and have filed an “Authorized Personnel Alarm List” with the UC San Diego Police Department, submit an update with the current staff information.

Alarm System Test
Coordinate an annual alarm test with your alarm monitoring company and UCSD Police. Testing more than once per year is suggested.

Battery Replacement
Check or change batteries annually. Consider changing over to non-battery versions for emergency flashlights, radios and other small power needs.

Emergency Action Plan
Update the staff and contact numbers or any other changes in the EAP. Submit revised EAPs to EH&S and EVCBO.

Emergency Supplies
Refresh expired supplies in evacuation bags and first aid kits.

Fire Drill
Conduct an annual fire drill for your office. Coordinate with your building manager as applicable.

Security Systems

Discuss unit alarm and safety measures with your Department Business Officer or Department Safety Coordinator (DSC).

Preferred Vendors
If you are looking to install a new system or change vendors, our preferred vendors are:

SIEMENS Industry, Inc
Contact: Michael Deitisch
(619) 865-7609 

COR Security, Inc.
Contact: Ty Mullen
(760) 434-5853

 Establishing a Contract

  • Schedule a visit from the vendor, discuss your needs and obtain a quote
  • Obtain approval for the expense from your department head
  • Work with your fiscal contact to submit the quote and contract request via Oracle Procurement as a purchase order. Do not sign a supplier contract yourself.

Incident Report

Follow instructions to report a work-related injury, illness, or hazardous material exposure.