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Travel Resources and Guidelines

Before you travel on official university business, familiarize yourself with UC and campus policies, procedures, and tools. Business Travel information is available on Blink, and key information and resources are highlighted below.

Information for Travelers & Travel Arrangers

  • Concur Travel is UC's online business travel booking program that automatically applies UC-negotiated prices with airlines, hotels, and car rental companies
  • Travelers should review UC San Diego Business Travel Policy Highlights (PDF), which are based on UC Travel Regulations outlined in UC Policy G-28
  • Concur help is available via online resources, live training & weekly office hours
  • Travel arrangers new to UC San Diego or to Concur should review the travel process and travel booking FAQ as well as Concur FAQ before trip planning begins
  • Trips must be pre-authorized by creating a Travel Request in Concur before travel arrangements are made
  • Travelers should review travel receipt requirements to ensure reimbursement eligibility, and redact personally identifiable information from receipts before attaching them to claims
  • Manage receipts throughout the trip and make expense reporting easier by using the Concur Mobile App
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance is automatic when booking through Concur or when traveling for UC business within 100 miles of campus or residence; otherwise, travelers must register for coverage (coverage is not automatically added for trips booked in SWABIZ)
  • "Package deals" (i.e., airfare + hotel for one price) are generally not eligible for reimbursement
  • Student travel for official UC San Diego business requires completion of a certification form (PDF) by the student and the faculty member/PI

Business Purpose

  • Travel expenses must serve a business purpose, with no personal benefit to the traveler
  • The business purpose should clearly explain why the trip occurred and the benefit to UC San Diego
  • Please include the full name of any sponsoring organization and spell out acronyms
  • Best Practice: Attach documentation supporting the business purpose (conference brochure, invitation, registration confirmation, agenda, etc.)

Ground Transportation

  • The 2023 mileage reimbursement rate is 65.5 cents per mile when using a personal vehicle for official UC San Diego business
  • You must have sufficient insurance coverage before using your personal vehicle for official UC San Diego business
  • If needed, follow the guidelines for renting a car for business travel (use a UC agreement supplier)
  • UC San Diego fleet vehicles are also available for business travelers who do not wish to use a personal vehicle

Meals and Lodging

  • Review the guidelines for Meals and Lodging while traveling for business
    • The UC maximum lodging rate for reimbursement is $275 per night, before taxes and mandatory hotel fees (or $320 including taxes and fees)
    • Airbnb for work offers access to lodging options and can be booked through Concur
    • Claim actual meal & incidental expenses up to the maximum of $79/day for short-term domestic business travel
    • Per diem rates apply for international travel and travel to Hawaii or Alaska (claim actual expenses); use the currency converter to calculate reimbursement amounts
    • For travel shorter than 24 hours, meals may only be claimed if you had an overnight stay
    • Employees attending a local conference (within 40 miles of campus or residence) are not on travel status, therefore neither meals nor lodging may be reimbursed

Travel & Entertainment Card

  • Using the Travel & Entertainment (T&E) card eliminates most out-of-pocket business travel expenses and streamlines reconciliation and travel expenses reporting
  • Apply for a T&E Card

Processing Travel Expenses

  • Best Practice: Process travel expense reports within 21 days of the trip end date
  • Expenses submitted more than 45 days after a trip ends may be treated as taxable income and reported on the employee's W-2
  • Concur is UC San Diego's online application for travel and expense reporting
  • Review Concur Basics to help navigate policies and procedures for using Concur
  • Travel KBAs in the Services & Support portal can help you navigate the travel planning and reimbursement claim process, for example:
  • See Travel Trip Types & Account Codes for the correct expenditure type to use for Concur travel expenses
  • Use the Print My Invoice tool for copies of travel receipts booked via Balboa Travel

Travel for Official Visitors/Non-Employee Guests