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The AA Business Office (AABO) provides our units with computer purchase assistance and guidance with accessories, software and digital security.


Computer, Tablet, Monitor, Printer: If your* request involves the acquisition of these items, obtain permission from your supervisor and/or unit head. Provide the request details via email.

Software, Keyboard, Mouse, Accessories: Request these and other small accessories through your* normal unit purchasing channel.

*Graduate Division:  Submit all IT hardware and software requests via

Warranty Life

Employee computer equipment is on a 3 to 4-year life cycle replacement plan. The computer inventory list for all EVC units contains the warranty expiration date for each computer and is currently managed by the EVC Business Officer. Supervisors or unit heads may contact the AA Business Office for a snapshot copy of your inventory, specific questions about computer warranty life and replacement plans. Future plans are in development for ITS to manage the inventory list for all units.

IT Security Services

The ITS Security Team offers the following and other services for campus to protect the university's electronic communications resources and data. 

VPN: While working off campus, use VPN when connecting to campus electronic resources.

Two-Step LoginTwo-step login is used for single sign-on sessions and VPN connections. Details on getting started and how it works are available in Blink.

LastPass Enterprise: UC San Diego offers LastPass enterprise as our preferred password manager.